About us

Westside Bridge Academy is central and west Houston's premier venue for duplicate bridge instruction and play.

We have open games every day and I/N games several times each week - see the schedule to the left for details.

We are a friendly and welcoming place for you to play.

Snacks, coffee, and tea are complimentary!

We have the best directors and nicest players!

The Common Game

We play the same hands as hundreds of other clubs across the US and Canada.

You see your results compared with everyone who played the hand.

The results often come with expert commentary.

Results are match-pointed across the entire field - hundreds of tables!

Monthly winners are compiled and reported.

What we do

You get an individual summary emailed to you only a few minutes after the game!

We use "The Common Game"; for details see below.

We play three boards per round, nine rounds whenever possible, and everyone plays all 27 boards. No more saying "We didn't play those boards" when comparing with your friends! It's true duplicate.

We offer complimentary snacks, coffee, and tea!

We have a full schedule of classes!

Welcome to the Website for the Westside Bridge Academy.

Leftover's Day!

Bring your leftovers from Thanksgiving to WBA on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, and share!

It will be a big game, so get there early!

Holiday Parties!

WBA will be holding three holiday parties in December this year:

  1. The first one will be held on Wednesday evening the 6th at 7:00 pm. This is during the STaC and will give SILVER points.
  2. The second will be a Double Session Swiss on Sunday, the 10th. This is during the STaC and will give SILVER points. Attendance permitting, we will have a separate 499r Swiss.
  3. The third will be on Thursday morning, the 14th, at 10:30 am. It will be an Club Membership game - full sectional rating!

Turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed pototoes, and gravy will be served on the 10th and the 14th; lasagna and salad will be servied on the 6th. Of course your favorite side dish, snack, or dessert will be welcome.

Reservations are REQUIRED for all three parties so we can know how much food to plan for. To reserve your spot, please email Katherine Onstott at kjonstott@comcast.net. Please do not call or email the Academy to make your reservation. Katherine will respond when she gets your request.

Please indicate who will be your partner, if you have a direction preference (pair games only), which game you will be playing in (299r/499r/0-20 or open), and for which party/parties you want a reservation.

We will be preassigning tables for the pair games.

STaC Week!

WBA will be participating the Unit STaC, December 4-10.

This will be the schedule:

Day Time Event
Monday 10:30 Open Pairs
Tuesday 10:30 Open Pairs
Wednesday 10:30 Open Pairs
  7:00 Open Pairs, NLM pairs
Thursday 10:30 Open Pairs, 299r Pairs
Friday 10:30 Open Pairs, 99r Pairs
Saturday 1:00 Open Pairs, 99r Pairs
Sunday 10:00 & TBA Double Session Swiss

Club Grand National Teams Qualifying games

The ACBL and DIstrict 16 have chosen to allow clubs to hold GNT qualifying games this year. In addition, Unit 174 has decided to not hold Unit GNT qualifying games.

Hence, unless you go to another unit to play in their Unit qualifying game, to play in the District level GNT qualifying game you must first qualify in a club level GNT game.

Westside Bridge Academy will be holding GNT qualifying games the first Sunday evening at 6:00 in November, December, January, and the second Sunday in February. The price will be the same ($8), and anyone can play. The only difference is that we are not allowed to handicap the game, and we must use the GNT strats: C is open to non-life masters with under 500 masterpoints, B is open to players with less than 2500 masterpoints. However, the game is open to everyone.

The games award half red and half black points at FULL sectional rating, so it's a great deal.

For more information, see the District 16 website under Conditions of Contest.

Note: Just as in NAP, to qualify in B, you must have no A players on your team. To qualify in C, you can't have any A or B players on your team.