About us

Westside Bridge Academy is central and west Houston's premier venue for duplicate bridge instruction and play.

We have open games every day and I/N games several times each week - see the schedule to the left for details.

We are a friendly and welcoming place for you to play.

We have the nicest directors and players!

What we do

You get an individual summary at the end of the game so you can easily check your scores!

You get an individual summary emailed to you only a few minutes after the game!

We use "The Common Game"; for details click below.

We offer complimentary snacks, coffee, and tea!

We have a full schedule of classes!

The Common Game

We play the same hands as hundreds of other clubs across the US and Canada.

You see your results compared with everyone who played the hand.

The results often come with expert commentary.

Results are match-pointed across the entire field - hundreds of tables!

Monthly winners are compiled and reported.

Welcome to the Website for the Westside Bridge Academy!

Carolyn Robertson made Life Master!

So she gets a party!

On Thursday, April 2nd, her friends and family host a big party for Carolyn at 10:30!

Sandwiches, salads, and petit fours are being provided by her friends and family. Sides, snacks, and appetizers will be welcome!

299r Tournament!

WBA will have a tournament for all of you who have less than 300 masterpoints starting Thursday, April 9th and continuing through Sunday, April 12th!

This wiill be the game schedule:

Thursday 10:30 299r Pairs
  2:30 299r Pars
Friday 10:30 299r Pairs
  2:30 299r Pairs
Saturday 10:00 299r Pairs
  2:00 299r Pairs
Sunday 10:00 & TBA Double Session 299r Swiss

If you want to play but need a partner, call Katherine Onstott at 713-253-3094 or email her at kjonstott@comcast.net. Get those teams together for Sunday!

WBA will provide bagels, donuts, and juice on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Box lunches will be available for everyone who orders one before the start of the morning game. 

Pictures will be taken and prized awarded to all who win their strat (A, B or C)!

A printable flyer with all the information can be seen here.

Come on and play - it's going to be great fun!  All SILVER points!S

10,000 Masterpoint Party for Pat Levy

Pat Levy recently passed 10,000 masterpoints and became a Platinum Life Master.

Her friends are giving a party in her honor on Saturday,May 2nd

A catered BBQ meal will be served at noon and the game will start at 1:00. 

There will be a 299r section.

Reservations are required!  To reserve your spot, call Katherine Onstott at 713-253-3094 or email her at kjonstott@comcast.net.

Charity of the Month

The Charity of the Month for March is Star of Hope.  $1 will be donated to the Star of Hope for every entry purchased in each Local Charity Game!

Thank you to all of our wonderful players!