About us

Westside Bridge Academy is central and west Houston's premier venue for duplicate bridge instruction and play.

We have open games every day and I/N games several times each week - see the schedule to the left for details.

We are a friendly and welcoming place for you to play.

Snacks, coffee, and tea are complimentary!

We have the best directors and nicest players!

The Common Game

We play the same hands as hundreds of other clubs across the US and Canada.

You see your results compared with everyone who played the hand.

The results often come with expert commentary.

Results are match-pointed across the entire field - hundreds of tables!

Monthly winners are compiled and reported.

What we do

You get an individual summary emailed to you only a few minutes after the game!

We use "The Common Game"; for details see below.

We play three boards per round, nine rounds whenever possible, and everyone plays all 27 boards. No more saying "We didn't play those boards" when comparing with your friends! It's true duplicate.

We offer complimentary snacks, coffee, and tea!

We have a full schedule of classes!

Welcome to the Website for the Westside Bridge Academy.

Gold Points at WBA!

WBA will participate in REACH - Regional Event at the Club House the week after the Lone Star Regional. The ACBL is doing this in response to those of you who have said they can't get the gold points they need without traveling to out of town regionals, which not everyone is able to do.

Here are the details:

  1. You must pre-register and pay one $30 fee per player to be eligible for regional event awards (gold points) and then just play in the 10:30 game at WBA Monday through Friday, February 5 - 9. You must play a minimum of two 10:30 games but may play in as many as five. Your two best scores will be used. When you arrive at the Academy, you will pay your regular entry fee and will still be entitled to the normal club awards.
  2. You can play with the same partner or a different partner, it doesn't matter--you compete as an individual in the Regional Side-Series game and as a partnership in your regular club game at the same time.
  3. Each day, the club results for registered players will be "match-pointed" across the entire Common Game field. The average of the resulting two best scores is used to determine your event rank.
  4. Results are grouped into four pools ("Spades", "Hearts", "Diamonds", "Clubs") based on the Field Strength of the events in which the two-best scores were earned. If players with fewer rather than more MPs play in your club game, you will likely be included in the "Clubs" Pool; if you play in a club game where players with lots of MPs play, you will be likely be included in the "Spades" Pool. Each pool will have its own set of winners. (I suspect WBA will be in the Spades pool.)
  5. As a practice run for the REACH event, the ACBL will be having a PEACH (Practice Event at the Club House) event this Monday, January 22nd through Saturday, January 27th. PEACH will be free, and no extra masterpoints will be awarded, but this event issues $1,200 in prizes over the six days. There will be two daily prizes, each $100. Winners will be selected randomly, by software, from the previous day's participants. Winners will be contacted by email after the event concludes, and must supply a US/Canada mailing address within 2 weeks, and be able to accept either a check ( US Bank ) or Paypal. Prizes that cannot be delivered will be donated to the United States Bridge Federation.
  6. To register for PEACH and/or REACH, or for more information, click here.

WBA Closed for the Regional

WBA will be closed for the regional Monday, January 29th through Sunday, February 4th, but be sure to get out to the Marriott and play a few days!  You can see the who schedule by clicking here. Come on out and join the fun.  If you've never been, it's a blast!

Big 0-5 Game at the Regional!

Joyce Ryan will be directing two big games for players with less than 5 masterpoints on Wednesday.  If you have friends or acquaintances that you think might be interested, please invite them to come.

New 0-20 game at WBA!

WBA will be kicking off a NEW game for those players with less than 20 masterpoints on Tuesday morning, February 6th at 10:30.
  1. The first game will be a party with snacks and drinks and a cake and it will be FREE to all! 
  2. Subsequently, the entry fee will be only $5. 
  3. Bert Onstott will give a FREE mini-lesson at 10:00 am, so get there early.
  4. The game should last only about two hours, so you should be done by about 12:30. We will try to play only 12-15 hands. 
  5. Please invite anyone you think might be interested to come and participate!

New Classes

Tom Jahne has scheduled a new class on Negative Doubles.

For all the details, click on Class Schedule to the left.

Club Grand National Teams Qualifying games

The ACBL and DIstrict 16 have chosen to allow clubs to hold GNT qualifying games this year. In addition, Unit 174 has decided to not hold Unit GNT qualifying games.

To play in the district qualifying event, you must have quailified at the club or unit level. Since Unit 174 isn't holding a unit qualifying game, unless you travel to play in another unit's qualifying game, you must qualify at a club game in unit 174.

Westside Bridge Academy will be holding GNT qualifying games the first Sunday evening in November (the 6th) and December (the 3rd), and the first (the 7th) and fourth (the 28th) Sundays in January at 6:00. The price will be the same ($8), and anyone can play. The only difference is that we are not allowed to handicap the game, and we must use the GNT strats: C is open to non-life masters with under 500 masterpoints, B is open to players with less than 2500 masterpoints. However, the game is open to everyone.

The games award half red and half black points at FULL sectional rating, so it's a great deal.

For more information, see the District 16 website under Conditions of Contest.

Note: Just as in NAP, to qualify in B, you must have no A players on your team. To qualify in C, you can't have any A or B players on your team.