August Special Events

Mentor-Mentee Games

  • Wednesday Morning, the 13th @ 10:30
    • No Open Game that morning
  • Tuesday Evening, the 26th @ 7:00.

"8” is Enough Teams

  • Friday evening, the 15th @ 7:00
  • Pizza and salad will be served at 6:30!

Upgraded Games

All games in September are International Fund games - double points all month long!

Regular Weekly Game Schedule



1:00 pm Open Pairs
6:00 pm Open Swiss Teams


10:30 am Open Pairs


10:30 am Open Pairs
2:15 pm Supervised play with Terry Currie & Tom Jahnke


10:30 am Open Pairs
6:30 pm FREE mini-lesson by Bert Onstott!
7:00 pm 0-20 Pairs
NLM Pairs
Open Pairs


10:30 am Open Pairs
10:30 am 299r Pairs
10:30 am Supervised Play with Kay Johnson


10:30 am Open Pairs
10:30 am 99'r Pairs


01:00 am Fast Pairs
2:00 pm Open Pairs
2:00 pm 299r Pairs

All games are stratified

Open games: A: 2000+ B:750-2000 C: 0-750
499'r games: A: 200-500 B:50-200 C:0-50
299'r games: A: 100-300 B:20-100 C:0-20
99'r games: A: 20-100 B:5-20 C:0-5

Strats may vary at the director's discretion to equalize strat sizes.

The Local Charity for August is the
Bo's Place