Score Corrections

To request a score correction, fill out the following form and click Submit Score Correction Request. That will send an email to the Academy with the details of your request. We will do our best to respond within 24 hours.

The Academy policy on score corrections is that if the score is obviously in error we will make the change based on only the requestor's request. However, if there is any doubt about the requested change, we ask that the requestor obtain their opponents approval before submitting the request.

For example, if 8 pairs were in 6 hearts by North making 6, but it was given to East-West at one table, we will make that correction immediately. But if 8 pairs were in 6 making 6, but one pair claimed to have made 7, we will need the opponent's approval before we will make the change.

If you need to obtain the opponent's approval, the simplest way to do that is to log in to the on-line unit directory on the Unit site and search for their name. Their email address and telephone numbers will be shown. It will be simple to send them an email or call them asking that they confirm the correction.

Please cooperate with this policy.

Westside Bridge Academy Score Correction Request
Please describe the change requested.
Have you obtained the approval of your opponents for the change?